They’re addicted, I tell you. And Mister and I just keep pushing the goods. We can’t help ourselves.


Hummingbirds have found the feeder in our Magnolia tree. They’re going through the sugar water faster than I expected, and I’m now trying to make a double batch each time so that we can have some of the sweet nectar standing by in the fridge.


Yesterday morning Mister removed the empty feeder from the tree. We looked out at the vacant space by the tree’s branch and noticed a confused hummingbird, desperately searching for the good stuff. He kept flying around and around, looking in the place he expected to find his drug of choice. But there was only unsatisfying air. That little guy must’ve circled the area for a good 30 seconds or more. Finally, reluctantly, he flew away. But not before looking at us both with such a bewildered expression on his tiny face. It was as if he wanted to ask, “What the frick, guys? Who moved my cheese?”


I cooked up some more hooch for the birds, filled the feeder and placed it back in the tree. We’ll see how fast they manage to drain the bottle this time.


They’re addicted, I tell you.

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