Here in the United States, it’s Independence Day. Some of us are waving our flags. Some are gathered with friends and family, grilling up some fun. Some are watching fireworks, eyes trained toward the heavens in awe.


But let’s not forget, friends, that a complete dip-shit is doing his best to behave like a crazed dictator in a narcissistic show of embarrassing jack-assery. Let’s remember that while we enjoy a holiday, somewhere someone’s baby has been kidnapped by our own government and is being held in shameful conditions. Let’s remember that if the fuck-tard gets his way, we may find ourselves in a war that could harm us for all time, if not out-and-out destroy us.


Fireworks - Photo by Mister


I don’t mean to be so dark, but this is the world we now live in. And for those of us who actually love the beauty of what our country can be, it’s important for us to remember that we are the true patriots. We who believe in the decency of America, in the humanity of the world – we need to remember that the horrible and pitiful people who’ve lost their moral high-ground do not get to take our love of country from us.


So I will indeed be putting out my flag today. I will barbeque and enjoy some fireworks. And I will toast the honorable among us, the true Americans. We don’t get much press, but we’re still here. And our patriotism is enviable. It is caring. It is inclusive. It is humane. And not one of us needs a goddamned tank to prove anything.


Womens March 2018 - A Patriotic Pink Panther - photo by Mister

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