Yesterday I wrote about May Gray and how it leads straight into June Gloom. I speak for those of us in Southern California only, mind you, but there are quite a lot of us. And we deal with it.


Except when we don’t. Personally, I’ve got a bit of June Gloom over my shoulder today. Perhaps it’s comedown from a lovely holiday weekend. Maybe it’s tied to my bio-rhythms or some such. I’m not sure about the reasons, but I am certain of its limits. For this, too, shall pass. Yesterday I received a beautiful reminder of this from a blogger who captured my feelings (and then some) far better than I can manage.


Her name is Jenny Lawson and I adore her. I don’t know her personally or anything. I just love, love, love her writing. Her post from yesterday can be found here, and I encourage you to read her beautiful entry. Like I said, her words are far better than my own on this topic.


So for me, this is a short and sweet first-of-the-month piece. I don’t know what to tell ya. Once I’d read Ms. Lawson’s “The Bloggess” post, I saw no reason to try and rewrite her entry. No reason at all.


Otherwise, happy June. Summer is very nearly here,  calendar-wise. For my part, I plan to live it. Truly.

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