Fellow Rock Camp volunteers gathered this week for a get-together and it was sweet. As some of us only see one another during camp itself, we relish any opportunities we have for face-to-face time.


One of our tribe had some new ink to share, as shown above. 3 gals were nursing injuries. One took a break from being in the studio with Jason Mraz (along with 3 others who couldn’t be there that night), where they’re frantically trying to finish a recording. And one is prepping for a cross-country move.


Our little group is no different from you and your friends: a lot of life is happening. And because our self-selective membership tends to the positive side of things, we give each other major support. Even when it means saying goodbye to one of the fold.


So to Jen, Beth and DT, please continue to lovingly care for yourselves and allow your bodies to heal.


To Officer Becky, Principal Mona, Mai and Chaska, keep tearing it up in the studio (and in life), and spread your arms wide for life’s blessings.


To E-Flow, you will be missed more than you know. Take care of yourself and trust that you’re going to be okay. Warm wishes and heartfelt prayers surround you.


To Misty, the ink is beautiful. Just like you.

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