The other day I did something I’ve not been able to do in quite a while. I exercised.


I should clarify. I did some P90-X Stretching. There is absolutely nothing cardio about it, so I don’t want to mislead you. But it was a solid session of stretching and y’all – I’ve not had the energy for anything for so long that I had nearly forgotten how to use my muscles. So I’m gonna count that toe-in-the-water as exercise and give myself a gold star.


I’m almost terrified to say it – afraid I’ll jinx myself – but I think my health may finally be improving. I’m doing baby steps still, but I’m starting to get excited! It’s a bit of a freak show when abnormal health becomes the norm. Lately I’ve been thrown for a loop when my body has functioned in its old patterns of health here and there, instead of misbehaving and acting up. I never thought I could become giddy over “ordinary” but I clearly am, so there you go.


I give tremendous credit to the holistic healer I’m seeing. While the acupuncture may be working wonders, I feel the pro-biotic regimen is truly responsible. As a gal who lives in the modern world, I am so glad to have been willing to turn to Eastern medicine for a change. I believe in Western medicine, too. I just think that for me – in this particular time of ill health – a combination of the two is finally having an effect. A slow effect, but an effect just the same.


It’s too soon to say I’m 100%, so I won’t. But I’m on the path and that counts for quite a lot. Again – baby steps. Can you feel me smiling? Yippee!

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