I don’t always think about Wednesdays as being the middle of the work week. But once in a while, the thought crosses my mind. And on those occasions, I understand why some folks need to get through and over Hump Day.


Depending on one’s life and schedule, weekends can be a blessing. For me, the weekend means hanging out with Mister. Which I love. The weekend also means cooking (and eating) good food. Maybe seeing loved ones. Maybe just chilling the hell out.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that weekends may be a curse for some folks. Maybe there’s ugliness in a relationship and the weekend brings too much time with someone. Or maybe there’s a double-shift on Saturday and the very thought of punching that clock is draining. If you’ve never felt the dread that accompanies painful situations – be they professional or personal – consider yourself blessed. We are not all on the same schedule, nor are we all wearing the same shoes. A whole lot of souls do not look forward to certain days of the week.


Today, in the middle of the work week, I happen to feel blessed. I’m healthy and loved. I have work to occupy my hands and creative endeavors to occupy my spirit. Today I will tick this Hump Day off the calendar, moving me 24 hours closer to Friday and to whatever the weekend provides. I’m already excited.

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