Mister and I were out on the town, dinner and some live music. All my expectations were reasonable. Average even. I thought we’d enjoy some food, then walk across the street for some good music. Nothing more, nothing less. Like I said – reasonable expectations.


But sometimes life has a little something extra in store. And we can’t know this until the moment occurs. I was blessed with one such moment that evening. It went like this…


After being seated at the Hollywood eatery, Mister ordered an iced tea and I ordered a cocktail. Our server turned to me and asked to see my ID. I almost didn’t hear him, because, y’all, that question just didn’t make the mental list of possible server replies. Mister noticed it first, and said, “Her ID? How cute.” I then looked at our server and asked if he was serious. He was. As I fished out my ID, our server said that he was certain he was older than I and that yes, he needed to verify my legal drinking age. When I told him I was certainly the older of the two of us, he didn’t believe me. I handed him my ID, he looked at the birth date and his eyes about bugged out of his head. He said, “I’m shocked!”


Cut to a few moments later, and I was enjoying my delicious cocktail. Mister said the P90-X work was clearly paying off and affecting me positively. I said it was good makeup. I looked at Mister and told him that would probably be the last time I’d be carded. And then I realized that we don’t always get to know a “last” when it occurs. Last kisses. Last good-byes. Last travels. Last arguments. Last laughs. These things happen with no fanfare, no announcements. They just happen, and we don’t realize they were the “last” until much later, if we realize it at all. That’s just life.


So while my last time being (sincerely) carded may not rank with other life lasts, it is a last, just the same. And I think I’ll make a note of this one in my calendar, as it was a nice, little, unexpected moment. It could have slipped past, without my noticing. I’m glad I caught it. I’m glad I lived it. Sincerely.

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