Last Saturday night, Mister and I attended a grand party. And though it wasn’t a costume party, I felt like doing something a little different with my appearance. Simply wearing make-up was a change of pace, as I usually don’t wear any. But that wasn’t enough. I don’t know what possessed me, but I pulled out dusty canisters of hair products and went to town.


By the time I was done, I had used 5 different products and my hair was a glittered, shellacked, Hunger Games-esque up-do. It was only for giggles, but it was kind of fun.


At the evening’s end, I was too pooped to shower, so I went to bed with my immobile do and thought nothing of it. When I woke the next morning, Mister started laughing. My hair hadn’t moved one iota during the night. As I had a Rock Camp brunch to get to, I decided to just leave it and headed out the door.


I didn’t get home from that brunch until nearly 5 pm. I considered just letting my hair ride, to see how long it would take for the do to crack. But Mister was getting freaked out, so I scrubbed the product and glitter from my scalp.


It’s been a long time since I’ve put that much time and goop into my head. (I felt like the ghost of my ’80’s self!) And while I don’t want to do it on a regular basis, it sure was fun. For a couple of days. I won’t be forgetting it any time soon, either. Glitter is on every surface of our home.

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