Recently I read about a product and knew I had to try it. It’s a padded, washable bike seat cover from a Brooklyn-based company, CitySeat.


I ride my bike for exercise and to get around. And though I have a decent seat on “Helen” (my bike’s name), long rides can leave my booty a bit sore. As I don’t wear padded bike shorts when I ride, I couldn’t depend on those for relief. I suppose I could have duct-taped a small pillow to my seat, but come on.


Enter CitySeat. I like that I can remove the pads inside and wash the cover, should I find it necessary. And it’s cute to boot! It’s super-easy to slip over my seat and when I took Helen out for a test ride, I can honestly say my booty was thanking me. It’s quite comfortable and I didn’t even notice it was there, other than thinking what am improvement it was over my plain seat.


For the record, no one at CitySeat has ever heard of me, y’all, so please know I’m only sharing this in the interest of your booties! If you decide to try a CitySeat bike seat cover yourself, drop me a line and let me know what you think! I’m fairly smitten with mine.

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