On Sunday night, like many in the world, Mister and I climbed up on the roof, trying to see the Blood Moon.



Okay, so maybe others weren’t up on their roofs, but that was our best vantage point and we took it.



I admit though, that I did not enjoy climbing up and down a ladder in the dark. Though I may behave like a donkey from time to time, I am most assuredly not the sure-footed-est of beings. Fortunately, I managed to survive the evening without breaking my neck. Or falling in the pool. Or both. True story.



And though the skies had been amazingly clear all week long, clouds started rolling in fairly quickly, and we knew we’d gotten our best glimpse of the last Blood Moon until 2033. What a beaut!


(As a treat, here’s a link to what Time Magazine calls the “single most amazing photo” of Sunday’s super moon. Enjoy!)

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