So it’s been a few days since my 17-mile walk and I’m feeling pretty fantastic.


Except for the major blister on the back of my right heel. That bugger has just parked itself in a cozy spot and shows no sign of wanting to leave. I’ve been wearing flip-flops for the last couple of days, trying to deal with the blister and my walk-lag. But I can’t wear flippies forever, so I think I’m just gonna have to pretend the blister isn’t there and lace up.


I am reminded of one member of our Saturday walking group. She did most of the 17 miles in Doc Martens. I kid you not. She’s cool like that, and a better woman than I. Anyhoo, somewhere in West L.A., she hit the boot wall and had to take them off. She then walked her fine self into a salon and got a foot massage. After that, she walked – barefoot – probably a mile or so to a goodwill store and strode right in. She said the folks at goodwill were eyeing her suspiciously, and might even have been a-feared of the drenched, barefoot lady before them. She was not deterred, however, and once she’d found suitable boot-replacements, she made her purchase. When I saw her at the walk’s after-party, her feet were adorned thusly…



She told me the most disconcerting part of the whole deal was walking barefoot beneath the 405 overpass. She said she just kept hoping she had no open sores on the soles of her feet.


That girl makes me giggle.

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