Yesterday morning we did P90-X Kenpo, which is a pretty good cardio workout. Then I remembered I needed to walk 3.5 miles to go pick up my old car (cracked wheel – yikes!), so I hit the pavement. By the time the lunch hour rolled around, I was feeling the pangs.


But mostly what I felt was beat. I’m fit enough to handle a day like yesterday, but I’m also old enough to get tired. And I’m social enough to have had evening commitments that did not allow me to hit the hay early. Y’all have got to know – I surely would have been asleep by 7:45 if I’d not had that commitment.


Anyhoo, it’s a new day. I will face today’s physical activity with gratitude, as I’m able to be active. And that’s a beautiful thing.


You know what else is beautiful? Naps. I vote for yes.

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