The other day I was walking around the yard, having a look-see. I don’t use my front door too often, so I rarely find myself in the front yard. When I remember, I check it out. I use those occasional strolls to note where the various plants are in their lives and to see if I need to bring out the reciprocating saw. I do love power tools, y’all.


Anyhoo – I was checking the various palms and noticed one was behaving a bit differently than the others. Because I am basically a grown woman with the brain of a 9-year-old boy, I couldn’t help laughing at this particular palm. It seems to have all the parts – male and female. Once I’d stopped giggling, I kind of marveled at how gorgeous the plant truly is. I don’t understand it. Have no idea what’s going on with it. Still – I like it.


And if you know why this one palm is growing like this (especially when the others are not), please drop me an informative line. Seriously – I’m clueless.

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