Yesterday I started working on getting the too-small mantel off the wall in the living room. As it’s caulked on pretty well, I expected it would take me a while to get the danged thang off. But I got after it, y’all, and before I knew it, the mantel was off in one piece and ready to donate to Habitat for Humanity. Now I can patch the wall and paint. Then I’ll be done painting in that room! Woo-hoo!


Because I did a lot of work in there before Mister’s parents visited, the space is looking pretty good. Part of me can’t believe how much has been done. Part of me is stymied I’ve not yet finished. But that’s the way home improvement goes, if only around here.


For now, I’m so close – I can see it! And in my mind, it’s simple, beautiful and finished. So close…

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