The fireplace dude is working away and really making progress. While he’s tackling that project, I’ve been painting. Yesterday I decided to paint the laundry area. That meant pulling the washer/dryer out and cleaning every freaking place and then taping (my poor, poor fingers) and painting. After all that craziness, I pushed the washer/dryer back into place. Only I pushed it just a wee bit far and it jostled a water pipe. Next thing I knew, water was leaking from said pipe directly into a power box.


I don’t know much, y’all, but I do know that water and electricity Do. Not. Mix. So I immediately grabbed a small bowl and placed it over the power box. Then I jiffy-quick found the number for a plumber who did some work for us a couple of years ago. He said he happened to be in the neighborhood and could come right over. He did just that, soldered in a new section of pipe and the crisis was averted.


After I’d paid the man (because the man always has to get paid), I went back inside and drew out a little idea. I had thought about putting a brick or two behind the washer/dryer, so that I could never again inadvertently push the appliance into the temperamental pipe. After consulting with Mister’s Daddy, I took his advice and built myself a gadget out of wood. Now, even if the washer goes wonky and spins itself all crooked, it won’t be able to move back any farther. True story.


The laundry area looks bright and clean, by the way. A little paint sure does go a long way.

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