The southerner in me is adapting. Out of necessity, mind you, but it still counts.


Here in drought-ravaged L.A., the greenery I love simply cannot survive. So I’m turning to natives, succulents and cacti. What you see above is a planter I put together a few weeks back. I chose these plants for their low water needs and their beauty. So far, it’s hanging in there.


This planter, as well as the few other plants in the same area, are being watered with greywater. And though it’s odd to keep a bucket in my shower (for the purposes of catching greywater), I’m adapting to that as well. It’s what we do here.


I’ve given up on the small azalea by the back door, as it just doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it. (I’m still trying to save the Magnolia trees. Fingers crossed.) These losses are hard to take. And they seem to affect my soul a bit. By making bits of beautiful greenery in the yard, I’m attempting to heal my southern psyche. Honestly, I don’t think it will ever fully take. But it’s the best I can do.


And so I keep trying.

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