A lot of us here in Southern California looked forward to the predicted rains of El Niño. We thought our winter would be fabulously wet and that our trees would, perhaps, live through another year of drought. Even with all the warnings of flooding and leaks, the rains were exciting and hoped-for.


Cut to this – the last month of winter. We’ve had rain here and there and that’s been appreciated. But heavy rains? Not so much. Non-stop rains? Certainly not. Another storm is predicted for today. After that? I have no idea.


My own trees are suffering. When I drive around town, I see dead trees here and there. I’ve gotten used to brown grass, but the trees are a different matter. They’re breaking my heart.


Some of our friends have taken to calling our heavily-predicted, yet non-existent weather phenomenon “El None-yo.” I don’t blame them. Our stunning sunshine certainly makes it seem that way. In the meantime, I’m hoping the Sierras are getting walloped with snow. And that my trees survive. And that today’s rain is more than a drizzle. Fingers crossed…

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