This past weekend was WEXMAS XVI! What? Not clear on WEXMAS?



WEXMAS is our friend Tiffany’s Armenian White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange. It is one of the oddest and coolest parties ever and Mister and I are fortunate enough to make the cut.



Some years the recycled gifts are run-of-the-mill. Some years battles ensue over primo gifts. This year’s gifts leaned a bit toward run-of-the-mill, and that was okay.



The food, friends, is always aces. Tiffany prepares an Armenian feast, from scratch. I don’t know what to tell you. I look forward to this food all year and it always, always, always satisfies.



I know Tiff stresses out over putting this party together. There’s a lot of decorating, a lot of cooking, a lot of party stuff to manage.



And for those who live elsewhere, L.A. is a land of flakes. People don’t RSVP, so a hostess is left guessing how much food to prepare and never knows just who might show up. (Even those who do RSVP often don’t show.)



With all the fretting involved, Tiffany has threatened to put an end to WEXMAS. Personally, I understand the temptation.



But I also love attending this party and hope it keeps going. Tiffany really is the Hostess With The Mostest and she is adored. And if this year’s soiree turns out to have been the last, I will be forever grateful to have attended for so long. And to have such a swingin’ friend as Tiff.


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