Remember when I wrote about the above photo and how much I loved it?


Well there’s a new version in town and it’s far more manageable. Triple-Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake Cupcakes! The thing I like about the cupcake version is the sheer share-ability! Mister and I delivered these to a few neighbors and it was so much easier than slicing the gi-normous bundt cake version. Not only that, they’re easier to eat and already portioned!



For the record, I kept the recipe the same. I did decrease the cooking time to 35 minutes. And we ended up with 2 dozen cupcakes.


These are rich, so I won’t be making them too often. But man are they good! Bal-en-times may be over, but so what? It’s still February. I can think of no better reason to treat yo-self!

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