People around the world are doing all kinds of things during lockdown, things they’re sharing through social media every day. In reading about these fine folks and their many accomplishments, I have been envious and appalled, awed by grace and stunned by stupidity. Mostly I’ve enjoyed the varied pursuits of others who, like me, are just trying to get through.

I am painfully aware that I haven’t been sharing any of my activities. Since that ball hasn’t yet begun to roll, I have decided to honor its idleness with this post: Things I Haven’t Done During Lockdown.

Sourdough Bread – I haven’t jumped on the sourdough train and have zero-point-zero intentions of doing so. I happen to love sourdough bread, so don’t think I’m refraining because of taste. I just know me. I don’t want to take care of a sourdough starter and I’m pretty sure I’d kill it. (I’m more than pretty sure, as a sourdough murder lurks in my past.) Then there’s the bread itself. If I baked sourdough bread, I would eat it. All of it. With butter. I’m already battling the Quarantine Ten. I don’t need to add sourdough to the struggle, no matter how gorgeous your baking is. (Yes – your baking, Susan.)

Tiger King – I haven’t watched this because, just, no.

Posting Food Photos – Friends have suggested I do this and I have shared private pics with them. But I decided early on that I would not be posting food photos. This decision was made because I know exactly how privileged I am when it comes to food. I also know many of my friends are not in the same position. Some of them don’t cook and they’re struggling to figure out how to feed themselves while in quarantine. More importantly, some of my friends are struggling to pay for food. Their money worries are wrapped up with very real concerns for food, rent, utilities, other bills and the whole of their lives. I respect these friends, love them. I’d much rather have conversations with them than show them what I’ve been eating.

Learning a Language – This one hurts. I truly wish to be fluent in a language other than English, but I’m not. (Hell – I’m not where I’d like to be in my grasp of English!) And while quarantine is a great time to work on this goal, I simply haven’t. I commend those who are pursuing these skills and I’m kind of in awe.

Re-painting My House – Dear lord. This sort of ambition just floors me. I admire it so much and when I see photos of what y’all are doing, my eyes go all cartoony and almost pop out of my head at the beauty you’re achieving. This is just another thing I’m not going to do right now. So envious of y’all though. (I’m looking at you, Soleil.)

There’s about a million-billion-god-zillion other things I’m not doing during this strange time. And that’s okay. I really am just trying to get through. I’m doing an okay job of putting one foot in front of the other most days, if only outwardly. This isn’t normal. Even if it’s our new normal, I haven’t gotten my head around that yet. So I’m doing what I can, where I can, to keep on truckin’.  We’re all doing that.

Whatever you’re doing to get through, keep it up. I applaud you. I support you. And I may even envy you. Just know that I do it with love. I swear – y’all are amazing.

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