The first tomatoes of the year have been harvested! They’ve also been eaten. With elan, I might add.


For some reason, it always feels like a crap-shoot when we plant tomatoes. I mean, we usually plant more than we should, but I still wonder if anything will come of it. There are 8 plants out there right now, and one of them (though already a good 4 feet tall) doesn’t appear to be productive. It flowers, sure, but then the flowers fall off.


The others are really going for it, however. And the above Sun Sugars are the first to come in. They’re like candy, y’all! I love the name – Sun Sugar. Now that I think of it, they don’t just taste like sugar. They also taste like the sun. Hmm.


We’ve got a ways to go before the other toe-mates come in. So patience is a must. If you’re growing anything awesome, I’d love to hear about it!

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