The holidays are nearing their end and though I’m looking forward to laying off the booze and eating a boatload of salads, I have been enjoying the excess and beauty of food love over the last few weeks.


One of the highlights in our home has been UseRealButter’s Savory Bread Pudding. We made this for dinner one night (along with a simple green salad) and were blown away by how good it was. After that, leftovers were enjoyed at breakfast until it was gone. Actually, to say it was “enjoyed” is a gross understatement. We friggin’ loved this stuff. As recipes go, this one’s definitely a keeper.


As the UseRealButter chick did such a magnificent job blogging the recipe, I’m just sending you to her post (versus blogging it myself). And I realize you probably could have used this recipe earlier, when you had a houseful of guests, but take my advice and simply file it away for next time. Or do what Mister and I did, and make it for yourself. The leftovers are divine. And don’t you deserve that?


Yes. You do.

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