I’ve been on a cookie run the last couple of days. Mister and I are surrounded by homemade toffee, peanut butter blossom cookies & holiday cookies. We’re going with a red and green theme this year, and so far the cookies are gorgeous!


But you don’t just blink your eyes, then wait for cookies to magically appear. A gal’s got to make those danged cookies. And for that, I have rules…


  1. I must wear Christmas socks. And I do. I have a lovely assortment and I enjoy putting them on, even if no one can see them. I still know they’re there.
  2. The kitchen must be tidy when I begin. I only remove from the cabinets what I need. If I’m making more than one batch in a single day, I clean between batches. I don’t live by this rule all the time, but during cookie time I insist on it.
  3. I must, must, must listen to Christmas music. And I pull out quite the variety: Toots & the Maytals, the gang from South Park, Ray Charles, Vince Guaraldi, The Kings Singers and Louis Jordan, to name a few. I start jonesing for Christmas music around mid-November, but because I have rules, I don’t pull out the tunes until December 1st. And since I waited a week and a half to start my holiday baking, I held off on the Christmas music as well. But now that I’m in the cookie factory, the Christmas music is blasting like trumpets. And I love it!


Next step is delivering the baked goods. I think that will be a good time, too. I may even wear my red shoes. I’ll definitely be wearing Christmas socks. Like I said, even if no one can see them, I’ll know they’re there.

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