Last week I had the privilege of seeing a new-to-me band – Trio Ellas (“Three Shes” in Spanish). And I was in awe.


Part of me wants to call them a female Mariachi band. Part of me wants to liken them to old-school, tight-harmony groups (think chicks on “Lawrence Welk” or “The Andrews Sisters”). But the truth is, as I sat watching their show, they were unlike anyone I’ve seen. And I adored them. At the end of each song of their set, I said, “Wow!” It was all I could muster.


I bought their latest CD after the set (as shown above), and I am enjoying it immensely. Most of the tracks are in Spanish, and as I love music sung in other languages, I’m a smitten kitten. I only wish I’d bought the other disc on offer, as well.


Give these ladies a listen. They really are top-notch and what’s heard on their recordings is what they deliver live. As I type this, I’m listening to their CD again. I am still in awe.