As I write this, I am almost too tired to keep my eyes open. So forgive my fumbling in describing Day 5, the last day of Rock Camp.


The Bulls (shown above) played during lunchtime and I simply cannot describe how tight and amazing this band was. We could hear their sound-check during Vocals Instruction and I was blown away then. To see them perform so ably was mesmerizing.



Speaking of Vocals Instruction, I am grateful to have spent my week teaching alongside these fabulous women. Chaska, Nikki and Eesh blew my mind. They are brilliant, compassionate women and I count myself lucky to volunteer alongside them.


Here’s the deal. I thought Day 5 was fabulous. I was in love with it, in fact. And I think it was a solid day for the campers. They all finished their songs and had an informative and nerve-settling stage run-through. Just like every year, their songs were amazing. And I can hardly wait for them to perform at the big Showcase. Did I mention these girls are all playing at the world-famous Troubadour? Well they are. And they’re going to crush it.



As great as the day was, as much as I loved it, I can’t honestly say it ended well for me. I don’t want to go into details and I probably won’t – period – but I will tell you that a lot of self-doubt draped itself over me at the end of the night. And I’m not sure how long it will take for me to process that. Or what the outcome will be. That breaks my heart, because I care tremendously about these people and the universe we have all worked to create. And after having the best week ever at Rock Camp, well, I didn’t want Day 5 to end on a trembling, low note. But I’m being honest here, as much as I can be without over-sharing. I guess I just have to ride out my truth, whatever it may be.


All of that being said, tomorrow is the Big Showcase. And I hope that each and every camper truly comes away from that feeling like a rock star. With all my heart…

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