Yesterday was Day 1 of Rock Camp and it was awesome! First thing, I hit my usual duty of greeting campers in the parking lot, and I had fab-o company, as a few volunteers joined and helped. We like to high-five the arriving campers (and their parents/guardians) and help get the good vibes going. The campers aren’t always sure how to respond, it being Day 1 and all, but the parents are sure. They love it! It’s the kind of thing that puts their minds at ease. After all – we’re caring for their children. It’s a big deal.



So after morning assembly, instrument instruction went down and then it was lunchtime. Day 1’s lunch entertainment was Storeetellers and they were amazing. I loved their energy and their spirit, and their songs were such fun! In the real world, lunchtime concerts aren’t that easy to come by. At Rock Camp, it’s a daily happening and I adore it.



The rest of the day went by smoothly. The campers formed bands. They had songwriting workshops. They had band practice. And in a snap, it was time for the afternoon assembly and then Day 1 was over.



On the way home, I was thinking how lovely it was. There was so much support from other volunteers and everyone worked together to make the day happen. Personally, I didn’t experience any drama all day. Honestly, I was so relaxed that on the way home I nearly fell asleep. You know what they say: Teamwork makes the dream work.


True dat, Troy. True dat.

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