Like you, I’m trying to deal with the world. It’s a scary time. For some, it’s downright terrifying. There’s worry, anxiety, stress… And a lot of us don’t know what to do – for ourselves, for friends and family, for our communities.

Personally, I’m trying all kinds of coping techniques. Reading poetry helps me (a lot). Working on art plays a part, too. I’ve had a wood-working project going for quite a while now. I chip away at it most every day & the time I spend in the garage is more meditative than I can say. And then there are other things. One such distraction was so complete, I feel obliged to share.

There used to be a restaurant here in in the West Hollywood area called Sushi by H. As it was around the corner from a dear friend’s house, I got to experience it a few times when she and I walked there. The place was always packed with locals and the owner, Haru, would stop by and greet her regular customers. So not only did Sushi by H provide some of the best sushi in the city, it also provided comfort. Alas – Haru and her husband, Kunihiro, left Los Angeles in September of 2019. They returned to Japan to care for their aging parents. Sushi by H was no more. But Kunihiro has made some educational videos about the art and techniques of sushi-making. I have to tell you, I find his videos mesmerizing. They’re instructional, yes. But they’re also beautiful and absorbing. When I spend a little time with Kunihiro through his videos, I find I am calm and centered. I need all of that I can get right now. Maybe you do, too. Here’s a link to his first video.

Stay safe, y’all. Stay home. Stay sane. For reals.

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