Anyone who’s visited us at the New Pad knows we have a laundry list of projects on our slate. Sure – a few have been ticked off. Mostly, the joint remains in a state of flux. I could lay blame and point fingers (at myself, mostly), but I won’t. Life just takes a while. Time and money, friends.


Anyhoo – a while back I painted a small cabinet in the Rumpus Room (shown above) and was glad to get it done. That left only the bar area, and I have been putting it off for ages. Mostly, I’ve felt the project would be daunting and take a while. Painting itself is fairly quick. Taping and cleaning and getting things ready to be painted is an entirely different matter. For the upper bar cabinets, I wasn’t looking forward to my painter muscles being challenged with the up-high project. And there was one more thing, too…



Everything that lives in the cabinets had to be removed before tackling the project. What you see here is only part of what I removed. (No joke.) There are glasses and bottles and all sorts of stuff covering 3 separate table tops, waiting to go back in the cabinet. Once I got it all out, I was shocked at just how much we’ve managed to store in those danged cabinets. I mean really!


My hope is for the newly-painted cabinets to have cured long enough to be stuffed refilled with their contents later today. And then, in all likelihood, we’ll forget the cabinets ever needed painting. They’ll just fit in and make sense. Some projects are like that. They don’t present change so much as they present what’s right and should have been all along. I’ll take it.

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