I volunteer with a group that often meets in the L.A. Fire Department Museum. Meetings aside, the joint is awesome. There are old fire trucks and tools on display, as well as various memorabilia. Each time I’m there, I find something new to study.


The last time we met in the space, I spotted this vintage Smokey Bear poster and was immediately smitten. Like a lot of kids from my generation, Smokey Bear was a part of my childhood. To this day, I still think about that fuzz-ball when I’m in the forest. When I summited Mt. Gorgonio,  I even got myself a Jr. Forest Ranger Badge with Smokey’s picture on it. I wear it proudly. I really think about him when I’m driving through a canyon and some joker has a lit cigarette hanging out the window. At those times, I think how much I’d like to see Smokey Bear bitch-slap that cigarette-sucking fool. And I smile.


Anyhoo, the vintage poster is beautiful and I look forward to seeing what else I can find the next time I visit the L.A. Fire Department Museum.

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