I’m pretty danged slow when it comes to the inter-webs. (When it comes to most things, really, but let’s move on. Shall we?) So when friends hip me to something they discovered ages ago, I feel like the last gal to arrive at the party.


That was my experience while hanging out with my tribe last week. (That’s right – I’ve got a tribe. Deal wid it.) My friends turned me on to a slew of YouTube videos under the heading “True Facts.”


First we watched “True Facts About Sloths.” I laughed ridiculously hard at this one. Next was “True Facts About the Seahorse.” The funny wasn’t stopping. Then we watched “True Facts About Morgan Freeman.” I nearly cried, y’all. I highly recommend (at the very least) these 3 videos. Personally, I plan to spend some time watching the other videos on this dude’s channel. You can’t beat science and giggles. Not with a stick.


Yes, I’m late getting to this party. At least I got in the door.



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