Yesterday I got a specifically-sized canvas so that I can start a commission. It’s pretty exciting when someone trusts you enough to paint their favorite pocketbook. Or whatever. In truth, no one has ever asked me to paint a pocketbook, but now that I’ve thought of it, I think it would be wacky fun.


Anyhoo – I’ve been told this piece will be a surprise for someone’s birthday and there is a deadline. Other than casual bets with friends – based on my slowness – I’ve not worked with a deadline before. Even that is intriguing to me. Or maybe it’s the subject matter. I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, I’m very into the idea of this new work.


And for the record, it could very well happen that the person who commissioned this piece will not care for it. If that occurs, I will say to her what I’ve said to recipients of other personal works: if you decide you don’t want it (for any reason whatsoever), I get it back.


For the record part two – I’ve yet to be given back a painting. Word.

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