Here in La-La-Land, we take our Oscars very seriously. We throw or attend viewing parties where the food and libations tie in to the year’s movies. We dress for the occasion. Heck – some folks even have red carpets leading up to their front doors.


When I spotted the above statue outside a hardware store (a hardware store, for cry-eye), I knew I had to snap a pic. I’ve seen many such statues around town. One house even has 2 – about 7 feet tall each – flanking its entry.


As for me, I have always, always enjoyed the Oscars. I watch every minute and I don’t skip any speeches. Even when the show is too long/stupid/poorly written/badly presented/boringly hosted – I’m still in it. And there’s always something to keep me interested. Of all the awards shows, the Academy Awards is my favorite. I love the over-the-top celebrity and pageantry of it all. And I truly love the art of cinema. There’s nothing like it.


This night will find me cheering on “Whiplash” for a Best Picture win. If that doesn’t happen, no worries. I have a back-up pic in mind. And no matter how it all goes down, I’m guessing I’m in for an entertaining evening. Action!

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