This past week’s creative endeavor was a 3-d photo project for Mister’s Mama. You know – Mother’s Day!


It was pretty easy. First, we picked an old photo, then scanned it. We then decided how many levels we wanted to cut out and stack on top of one another (in this case – 3 total), then printed the photo that many times. Next, we cut out the different sections, added a little foam board to the back of each section, then glued the whole she-bang together. Easy, right?


In the end, we both were giggling over how danged cute it turned out. We may try this method with other photos down the line. I think that if we had a particularly awesome pic and outcome, it would be super cool to mount it in a shadow box frame.


But even if we don’t end up going that far or that fancy, it’s still a fun and simple art project.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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