The other night I did something I rarely do. I went to an R&B show.


This wasn’t my first time seeing the vocal trio, KING. I heard them a few years ago at Rock Camp for Girls L.A., during one of our lunchtime concerts. So when my Rock Camp buddy, Betro, asked if I wanted to hit their Hollywood show, I was in.


KING is an R&B band in an old-school way. Their beautiful harmonies are tight and flowing, and their music is intelligent yet accessible. But while they have an old-school vibe, they are completely fresh in their approach and sound. The fact that all 3 of these ladies are super easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.


When all was said and done, I had a great time at the KING show, and I realized I should be going to more of their concerts and to other R&B shows as well. It’s pretty sweet to get one’s groove on. And KING are all about the groove, y’all.


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