This photo is of one of my current projects (which to me, is art). I’m stripping a saltillo tile floor so that I can stain it a lovely dark brown color. The tiles on the left have been stripped, whereas the tiles on the right have not. Once the entire floor has been stripped and is tinted, I plan to seal it so that it has a nice, high gloss.


For now, I’m in the stripping phase. It’s manual labor, made a bit easier by the use of toxic chemicals. I’m trying to limit my huffing exposure, so I only do a few square feet at a time. Yesterday I stripped 22 square feet, which was pretty good. The area of the entire floor is around 500 square feet, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.


While I was working yesterday, it occurred to me that if I had some major knee pads, I could totally bang that floor. Who cares if knee pads look old lady? I mean really. More than anything, I just want to be comfortable while being productive.


And because I’m a heathen, after thinking how handy those old-lady-knee-pads would be for floor refinishing, I then thought about how handy they’d be for some other getting-down-on-the-knees activities, if you know what I mean.


I told you I’m a heathen.

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