The other day I was out for a bike ride, getting some cardio in, when I felt something sort of hit my knee. I was in full-pedal mode and a fairly strong wind was in my face. I glanced down and this is what I saw…



I had picked up a hitchhiker. Because I’m me, I didn’t freak out or anything. (It was just a bug, for cry-eye.) In fact, I started smiling and said something along the lines of, “Hey, little guy! How’s it going?” And I kept pedaling.



Before the hitchhiker joined me, I was really fighting the ride. I’d been out for an hour already and was just wanting to get home. That strong wind was challenging the hell out of me, no matter which direction I rode. In short, I was done. Only I wasn’t able to be done, as I had about 5 miles to go at that point. Something about the little hitchhiker changed all that. Suddenly I was revitalized. Happy. I don’t know why, but that bug really picked things up. The strong wind didn’t bother me anymore. My tired muscles didn’t nag quite as much. I stopped slouching a bit and rode all the way home with admirable posture and a beaming smile. And to its credit, that bug hung on all the way.



When I reached the new pad, I brushed the hitchhiker off my leg and left him in a pile of leaves. We’d both made it and the ride was finished.

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