So. I thought it was a summer cold. I was sure, in fact. And then, well, it wasn’t.


The fever was the first clue. Then came the aches. On Saturday, my entire body hurt so much, I winced each time I moved. The fever persisted, low-grade though it was, and it wasn’t much fun either. Except for the weird dreams. There were snakes and “The Love Boat,” though not in the same dream. (Come on. That would be ridiculous.) And I’m not even going into the stuffed-up head, the sore throat, loss of appetite, the sneezing or the coughing.


I don’t make a very good patient. (Mister’s eye-rolls can confirm this.) I mean, I knew not to work out over the weekend or anything, but there did come a time when I thought I could handle a few simple tasks. Things like, oh, re-drilling a hole in the door for a new lock. I mean, that would only require me to stand still and operate a drill, right? Well it about knocked me out. There I was, standing still, operating the drill, and getting woozy. Now friends – you do not want to be operating power tools while woozy. You just don’t. But if you are woozy while putting a hole in a door to your home, you need to buck up and get that shit right, lest you find yourself having to buy an entirely new door. (That did not happen, by the way, but the scary thought did occur to me and I was downright nervous about the possibility.) You can bet your sweet, healthy ass I was super-focused on getting that door hole just right. After that little job, I took a shower, washed the sawdust and some of the germs off me, then parked it on the couch for the rest of the day. Sad, but true.


I thought it was a summer cold. It turned out to be some sort of flu. And it has sucked. I’m not quite through it yet, but I’m hoping to be wrapped by the coming weekend. Heaven knows this last weekend was no picnic. But the aches seem to have passed and the fever has broken (finally). I’ve even gotten my appetite back (yippee!). The stuffy head is a nuisance, but not much more than that. I can deal with a cold. The flu? Not so much. Really – I’m a terrible patient.

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