Day 2 was, well…


I’m almost afraid to talk about it, lest I jinx myself. And I’m not kidding. Because Day 2 – much like Day 1 – was so utterly drama-free (for me) that I can hardly believe it. There was a flow, a rhythm. I know others around me were working through challenges, and I know they took care of business. But for me, the day was lovely. There – I said it.


For those who’ve never played along at home, one of our morning rituals at Rock Camp is a short skit put on by The Famous – Rock Camp – Skit Time – Players! These volunteers take issues that arise at camp and turn them into a skit. It’s a teaching and learning tool. This part of the morning is usually hilarious and enlightening. And I for one truly appreciate their approach to rough spots.


In other news – the band I’m working with wrote and played their chorus! This is major and they did it in such a beautiful fashion. They practiced cooperation, kindness and a willingness to try. Honestly – they’re blowing my mind.


And before I forget to share, let me say that the lunchtime entertainment was provided by various volunteers. And I was one of them. My intention for Day 2 was to Be Brave (something we’re always encouraging the campers to try). So I got up and did a song. Can I just tell you something? Those little girls are a tough room! I’m kidding. They were great audience members.


Anyhoo – I made about a jillion mistakes, but when I pointed that out to our band, they said they couldn’t tell. I asked them why they thought they couldn’t tell and they said because I didn’t stop and instead just kept going. I think they got it, and I think they understand a little more now. Those girls rule!

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