Today I’m helping a friend move. She’s been more than a good friend to me over the years. Helping her feels right. Feeling right is a good thing.


Later, I’ll be attending another friend’s reading. She’s a writer and actress, and tonight she’ll be putting both talents to work. I love seeing people do their thing, and I love that people actually do do their thing. Things. Whatever. I’m looking forward to it.


For some reason, yesterday found me thinking of a friend who once verbally attacked me at a dinner, for no good reason. I didn’t freak out or anything. I just let her express herself and that was it. I thought about it as I drove home on that long ago night, and realized she’d probably been stressed. When I talk to her these days, she’s lovely. Kind. And I’ll never – not even once – bring up that odd night a few years back.


Friends come in all sorts of packages. They’re good for us. That’s why we call them friends. And when they’re not good for us? Well, that’s when we need to let them go.


As for me, today is a good day to have friends. And to be a friend. Friendship is a two-way street, you know. I’m happy to report traffic is moving smoothly in both directions.

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