This week’s “project” ended up being an outing. Mister and I wrangled an invite to a gallery opening.



We are familiar with the work of Edward Walton Wilcox. We also know the artist (and his family). This dude is usually much darker, and that’s what we’ve come to know and love. So imagine our surprise when we beheld this exhibit’s pieces. They’re so full of light! It’s all clearly Wilcox’s work, mind you, so we didn’t feel any great disconnect. Our minds were just blown – in a good way.




In a smaller space, another artist’s work was being shown. We’d seen Todd Carpenter’s paintings before and the guy just kills us. He somehow manages to paint pieces that look like black and white photos. And the gallery owner told us he never uses brushes. He only uses palette knives and – no joke – credit cards. How he gets such detail out of those tools is beyond me.



Anyhoo, back to Edward Walton Wilcox. He is an amazing sculptor, as well as a talented painter. He did this little guy a few years ago. It’s about 18 inches tall…



It was interpreted by John Daniels. Daniels is a master chainsaw sculptor and he did this behemoth 9-foot version of Wilcox’s original…



Pretty cool, eh? We thought so, too.


By the end of the night, we had meet-ed and greeted loads of Hollywood art appreciators. We super-enjoyed the show and the various works of the artists. While this wasn’t a week of creating for us, we did our part to participate in a celebration of creativity. Some might say that doesn’t qualify as a D2T2 project. But it’s our call to make, and we’re saying it’s good. So there.

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