Not sure if you saw this image provided by NASA this week. Their Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite sent the photo from a million miles away. And it sure is pretty.


Something about this photo really gets me. Maybe because it reminds me that where we live is so much bigger than our ridiculous behavior. Some could argue we are a sorry lot, and that our choices do nothing more than prove our ignorance. Some wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment, either, as we certainly can be a sorry lot. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it’s easier to look around and be inundated with human douchery than not. That, friends, is no way to live.


On the other hand – when we do something right, wow! Those few, shining moments seem to keep us going, don’t they? I love those moments, and that’s how I want to live. Recognizing the old gal at the local who remembers each customer’s name and smiles as she works, no matter how tired her feet may be. Having a buddy who drives around town, donating her old books to various neighborhood libraries, instead of tossing them in a recycling bin. Knowing a group of gals who meet in a firehouse and roll socks to send to service members and veterans. I want to live seeing human kindness. And when I truly open my eyes and make the effort, that is precisely what I see.


When I look at this NASA photo, I see the prettiest marble ever. And I recognize it as my home. Yes, we human inhabitants can be a sorry lot. But we can also choose better. We can care for each other and we can care for earth. That’s what I pray for anyway. And pray I do.

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