I passed this display in a department store and had to double back, as I was quite taken with one element. I knew immediately that I wanted it in my own home, and I also knew I needn’t inquire about the price. The item I wanted? The painted branches. And they were not for sale.


Sometimes I see a thing and know I can make it myself, or at the very least find a better deal. The gold branches in this display are right up my alley. They’re natural, yes, and they’re also shiny. Me like shiny, friends. I already have a few glass vases from which to choose, so that’s covered. I’m fairly certain I have silver spray paint. (Silver will work in my tableau better than gold.) The only thing left to do is track down some interesting branches. And let them dry out a bit. And make sure they’re de-bugged. You know – little things like that.


I’m so glad I followed my inclination to backtrack and do a double-take at the gold scene. I nearly walked right past, and had I done that, I surely would have forgotten how much the branches appealed to me in the first place. I can hardly wait to make this happen!

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